Cushman & Wakefield’s St. Louis office offer our clients with a comprehensive, integrated services platform. Leveraging 90+ years of experience, our customizable service offerings and resources provide strategic real estate solutions that enhance the bottom line for occupiers and investors alike.

Agency Leasing

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail

Cushman & Wakefield’s Agency Leasing professionals provide strategic expertise to commercial property owners and investors, working to maximize asset awareness, stabilize occupancy through leasing and tenant retention, achieve optimal rents, and enhance investment value. They share a dual purpose: to realize client real estate objectives and investment criteria and to develop relationships that result in long-term partnerships.

Our experts analyze each asset’s investment goals, tenant mix, financing structure, building strengths, market conditions, and competition, then develop creative messaging and a marketing strategy. Whether representing a single property or an entire portfolio, we manage the marketing process to strategically position assets as the superior choice in that market. Teams use a mix of technology, digital promotion, and proven property marketing approaches to attract and retain the right tenants and meet ownership’s investment objectives.

Cushman & Wakefield’s professionals have years of experience in representing owners and investors of all types of buildings-from suburban parks to downtown towers, build-to-suits, industrial properties, and retail stores. Agency teams are unique to each leasing assignment, and assembled with the most accomplished professionals for that property. We leverage our connections to the tenant and broker communities – locally, nationally and globally – to understand opportunities and market dynamics. Teams also tap in-house research, marketing, financial analytics, property management, capital markets, appraisal, sustainability, and other resources to develop targeted marketing strategies, improve negotiating leverage, and ensure sound decision-making.

The firm also acts as a valuable resource for owners seeking to reposition an asset for sale or to assist with due diligence for a new acquisition.


  • Strategic asset analysis, including tenant demand, financial position, market, and competition
  • Comprehensive property positioning, including marketing plan, collateral development, and budget preparation and management
  • Broker relationship campaigns
  • Prospective tenant analysis and canvassing programs
  • Letters of intent and lease negotiation
  • Client reporting on activity, market intelligence, trends, and more
  • Coordination of additional services including project management, property management, sustainability consulting, capital markets (investment sales, financing, and analysis), and appraisal

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Unique teams, best resources – Integrated approach incorporates optimal professional expertise for long-term, asset-specific solutions.

Asset strategies enhanced by multi-service support – Knowledge and track record of collaborative service platform enables best-in-class practices and implementation of proven successful strategies.

Global Reach – Multi-pronged marketing leverages reach and relationships of both local project teams and the global organization for maximum market exposure.

Accountability – Metrics for financial performance, operational efficiency, service delivery, and risk mitigation ensure real estate creates value and aligns with the client’s investment objectives.

Results-focused creativity – Strategies that speak to the needs of today’s tenants and position assets for premium pricing.

Strategic partnership – Activities that ensure real estate contributes both to client success and overall asset performance.

Asset Services

Protecting and improving asset value by minimizing operating costs, improving efficiencies, and enhancing the tenant experience.

Comprehensive property management services throughout the lifecycle of a real estate asset for corporate, institutional, and private commercial real estate investors.


  • Accounting and Financial Management – Our institutional-grade accounting platform provides the highest level of security and accuracy, and the flexibility to fit your unique reporting needs.
  • Asset Resolution – Our resolution services group delivers tailored solutions for underperforming real estate assets. Our relationships with investors and capital sources, fluency in legal policy, and focus on understanding the uniqueness of each asset contribute to a smooth receivership, stabilization, and maximum return on our clients’ investment.
  • Business Continuity Management – Our program prepares our property management professionals to anticipate natural, man-made, and technology-related hazards and respond to a broad range of emergency situations that have the potential to adversely affect our clients’ assets, business operations, and personnel.
  • Construction Management – Our project managers, engineers, and construction managers work with architects and designers to develop and build flexible space that enhances productivity, attracts and retains talent, and meets financial and operational goals.
  • Contract and Vendor Management – We leverage the scale of our management portfolio and strong vendor relationships to effectively negotiate contracts that drive cost savings without sacrificing product or service quality.
  • Due Diligence – Cushman & Wakefield provides a rigorous due diligence process to ensure quality, accurate, and comprehensive information is provided to decision makers.
  • Engineering Operations – Cushman & Wakefield’s proactive approach to engineering operations mitigates risk and liability across all client portfolios by reducing operating costs, extending building system life, and enhancing facility reliability.
  • Lease Compliance and Administration – Our property managers receive extensive training in lease language and administration to ensure provisions of each lease are followed carefully, notices are served promptly, and costs are allocated correctly.
  • Property Management – Focused on driving value in each building, our property and account managers work to minimize operating costs, maximize efficiency and tenant services, and protect the value of each asset.
  • Risk Management – Our team of risk professionals offer owners expertise in enterprise risk management, corporate governance, insurance, and insurance claims handling to protect their assets.
  • Sustainability and Energy Management – We use the triple bottom line as our guiding principle— the impact of the facility on people, the environment, and company profitability—to define our sustainability offerings.
  • Training and Development – Cushman & Wakefield professionals are provided a challenging and rewarding work environment with a multitude of training and development opportunities to enhance their skills and facilitate career growth.
  • Transitions and Quality Control – Cushman & Wakefield’s dedicated Transitions & Quality Control (TQC) team facilitates the seamless transition of new assets into our platform by providing compliance oversight, quality control, and technology support.

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

  • Accurate, Timely Reporting A collaborative approach between property managers and accountants delivers financial reports that drive sound business decisions.
  • Mitigation of Risk and Liability Proactive maintenance and operational improvements ensure safe, comfortable, and productive work environments.
  • Significant Cost Savings Project managers consistently deliver 10% to 15% construction cost savings, while sustainability experts gain clients 5% to 10% in energy cost savings.
  • Consistent Service Delivery Delivered with consistency across geographies, our management professionals apply proven processes and procedures to ensure service excellence and optimum asset performance.
  • Innovative Technology Solutions The development and use of cutting-edge technology streamlines business operations, enhances service delivery, creates bottom-line savings, and positively impacts the environment.

Capital Markets

  • Office & Industrial Investment Sales
  • Multifamily
  • Retail Investment Advisory
  • Equity, Debt & Structured Finance

Cushman & Wakefield provides capital markets expertise throughout every stage of the acquisition and sales processes, helping clients finance, raise joint venture equity, and sell investment properties to meet strategic, operational, and financial goals. Clients benefit from our global footprint and access to international capital, local market expertise and brokerage experience, and a sales and finance platform that is in constant communication about trends and pricing.

Investment Sales

Global real estate owners and investors look to Cushman & Wakefield to sell investment-grade properties or portfolios because we combine global and local capital markets expertise with economic, demographic, and real estate knowledge and research to deliver customized investment and divestment strategies and solutions. We have experience in all property types, and offer unparalleled resources for investor targeting.

  • Single asset and portfolio transactions
  • Market research and financial analysis
  • Advisory and consulting services
  • Expertise in:
    • Office
    • Industrial
    • Retail
    • Multifamily
    • Healthcare & Senior Housing
    • Data Centers
    • Hospitality
    • Net Lease

Equity, Debt and Structured Financing

Cushman & Wakefield advises in state-of-the-art financing and equity structuring and completes transactions at exceptional terms. Our full-spectrum financial services platform provides domestic and international clients customized and integrated capital solutions for all asset classes. A deep understanding of the capital stack allows for the structuring of optimal strategies and negotiation of the best terms for each transaction. Through long-standing relationships and industry expertise, we provide comprehensive advice and execution services to meet clients’ needs.

  • Structuring and arrangement of debt and/or equity for acquisitions, developments, and/or recapitalizations
  • Joint venture equity, preferred equity, and mezzanine financing
  • Programmatic ventures
  • Hotel and senior housing investment sales
  • Loan sales and advisory

Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

Cushman & Wakefield provides property, portfolio, and entity-level financing products, structured leases, and comprehensive advisory services for corporate occupiers. We bring both clarity to complex real estate strategy and financing issues, and confidence that the solution will be executed to benefit the bottom line. Our solutions maximize value, minimize costs, and optimize the financial, accounting and tax implications associated with real estate transactions to improve company performance. Specifically designed to maximize each client’s objectives according to its unique situation and criteria, these solutions also encompass all transaction types, including:

  • Large lease advisory
  • Asset monetization
  • Mergers and acquisitions advisory
  • REIT advisory
  • Off-balance sheet financing solutions
  • Tax mitigation

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Custom Approach – Cushman and Wakefield designs alternative transaction structures to maximize specific objectives, evaluating and comparing options per each client’s unique profile.

Confidently Global, Expertly Local – We partner with internal brokerage, valuation, and corporate services professionals to ensure comprehensive knowledge of market conditions and the delivery of best-in-class services.

Vast Network of Investor Contacts – Relationships with more than 1,500 local and global capital sources create leverage for clients, encourage competitive bidding, and drive transaction values.

Experienced Resources – Clients benefit from professionals with cross-industry backgrounds in corporate real estate, corporate finance, accounting, taxation, ownership, development, and strategic planning, among others.

Client-Beneficial Combination – We provide traditional investment banking services within the envelope of one of the largest real estate organizations in the world.

Global Occupier Services

Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Occupier Services professionals deliver real estate solutions to move the needle on your business strategy and goals, from reducing operational costs to making your workforce more engaged and productive.

Operating across 250 offices in more than 60 countries, we collaborate with the industry’s top professionals supported by leading technology and research to ensure consistent results. We build enduring relationships by making our team an extension of your business, aligned with your goals and committed to maximizing bottom-line performance.


  • Facilities Management – Our industry-leading platform and professionals reduce operational costs, improve service consistency, and ensure compliance with all standards and requirements.
    Asset and life cycle management | Business continuity planning | Energy management | Financial planning and management | Occupational health and safety | Strategic sourcing and vendor management
  • Portfolio administration – Our advanced systems and dedicated professionals ensure smooth-running processes for administration of portfolios.
    Critical date notification | Expense review, audit, and recovery services | Landlord and tenant management | Lease abstraction | Lease and portfolio analytics and reporting
  • Project and development services – From complex new developments to day-to-day move management, our platform and expertise ensure on-time, under-budget execution with no surprises.
    Design and concept planning | Development | Move management | Program, project, and construction management | Procurement and bid management | Reinstatement management
  • Strategic Consulting – Our expertise in areas such as workplace strategy, change management, and portfolio optimization helps clients win new talent and achieve strategic goals.
    Business solutions | Location advisory and labor analytics | Portfolio strategy | Sustainability advisory | Workplace strategy
  • Transaction Management – From leases to property acquisitions and dispositions, Cushman & Wakefield advises and executes on optimal strategies in alignment with a client’s organizational goals.
    Acquisitions and dispositions | Lease renewals and rent reviews | Lease restructuring and surrenders | Transaction strategy and planning | Valuations

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Flexibility – We develop occupancy and logistics strategies that adapt easily to changes in business strategy.

Operational cost savings – We find efficiencies to enhance service quality while reducing operational and occupancy costs.

Speed and consistency – Our platform and technology ensure projects, transactions, and administrative processes stay on track with dependable results, every time.

Talent attraction and productivity – Optimizing workplace location, design, and amenities will attract the best employees and create an environment for them to do their best work.

Project & Development Services

Real estate today is all about creating the best user experience possible. Occupiers want authenticity, diversity, connectivity, amenities, resiliency, comfort, convenience, accessibility, and technology-enabled space. Cushman & Wakefield’s Project & Development Services group not only helps clients make the right real estate decisions, but executes and delivers the results they need to be productive and successful.

Our experts plan and manage the design and construction process, from beginning to end, to ensure value and savings without sacrificing quality. With project managers in all major markets, we have the global platform and personnel to deliver projects and advisory services of all scopes and sizes, from lease support to ground-up developments. We collaborate with owners and investors on new developments and capital expenditures, and occupiers on workplace strategy, tenant improvements, move management, and sustainability practices.

Cushman & Wakefield’s experience spans the real estate spectrum from commercial and retail space to law firm offices, industrial, manufacturing and distribution centers, healthcare facilities, education institutions, telecommunication centers, mission critical data centers, and biotech/life sciences laboratories. The expertise developed from these assignments enables the delivery of projects and advisory services that address:

  • Space as an expression of company culture and a tool for recruiting and retention of talent.
  • The increasing complexity of projects and incorporation of workplace strategies, open-concept and collaborative spaces, and smart-building technologies.
  • An ever-growing number of choices and decisions tenants must make that impact the cultural and physical outcome of their space.
  • The need for more guidance and oversight of contractors.
  • Resources to manage architects, engineers, and the specialists they rely on to produce the tailored solutions most clients require.

Our Project & Development Services group fulfilled client needs in more than 4,100 projects totaling 100 million square feet with a value of $3 billion in 2015.

  • Program, project, and construction management
  • Development services and master planning advisory
  • Procurement and bid management
  • Schedule and budget management
  • Cost consultancy and value engineering
  • Space and occupancy planning
  • Move management
  • Sustainability
  • Workplace consultancy

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Holistic Approach – We work with clients to develop and execute an inclusive, end-to-end process to maximize total workplace environments.

Dedicated Project Teams – By relying on Cushman & Wakefield’s proven processes, technology investments, and superior talent, clients can streamline internal staffing while focusing time and energy on their core businesses.

Flexibility – Flexible staffing models help clients scale projects to reflect changes in business strategy.

Depth, Speed, and Consistency – Access to global resources, experience, and best-in-class technology ensures consistent processes and standards across locations, accurate timetables for delivery, and dependable results.

Operational Cost Savings – We find efficiencies to enhance service quality while reducing operational and occupancy costs.

Tenant Representation

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail

Cushman & Wakefield’s tenant representation experts provide solutions that align real estate needs with business strategy, financial goals, and operational objectives. We look beyond the immediate transaction to find a big picture solution – evaluating our clients’ businesses to make real estate an asset that houses operations, attracts and retains top talent, promotes creativity and collaboration, and supports the company mission and brand.

Cushman & Wakefield has more than 250 offices across the globe, with nearly 600 professionals specializing in tenant representation, giving clients access to best-in-class resources, practices, intellectual capital, and market knowledge from thousands of successful assignments. Our brokers provide local market expertise throughout the acquisition process, from strategic consulting and planning to market research and analysis, site selection, option development, financial analysis and modeling, market exploration, lease negotiation, and closing.

We integrate additional services including project management, move management, property management, incentives consulting, lease administration, and sustainability consulting as requested. Our experts also have deep market relationships to sublease excess space, if necessary. In all assignments, we leverage industry-leading research and cutting-edge technology to understand the market, uncover off-market opportunities, and develop innovative solutions.

Cushman & Wakefield’s professionals have partnered with clients from all industries to complete new leases, purchases, renewals, relocations, expansions, and extensions for office, industrial, retail, and mixed-use space. Project teams are tailored to meet the needs of each client, often including brokers, members of our industry-focused Practice Groups, and other professionals from across the Cushman & Wakefield platform. For clients with multi-market portfolios, our Global Occupier Services division has the resources to ensure the development and execution of a cohesive strategy in locations worldwide. Property Management, Facility Services, Valuation & Advisory, Capital Markets, Sustainability, Workplace Strategies, and other Cushman & Wakefield service lines provide insight across the real estate spectrum, ensuring optimal market timing and informed client decision making over the short and long term.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Occupancy workplace strategy
  • Acquisitions, dispositions, and build-to-suits
  • Market, demographic, and labor analysis
  • Lease restructuring; subleasing services
  • Lease auditing

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Creative, market-savvy teams – Experienced advisors, supported by a global platform, provide in-depth market knowledge, create leverage with landlords, and engage in creative approaches to discover and evaluate options.

Maximum value through analytics – We achieve flexible and functional solutions for every client on every requirement. Occupancy strategies, market analyses, and site selections are backed by financial modeling that demonstrates value, ensures understanding of the impact of decisions, and empowers clients.

Unique insight, strategic perspective – Local researchers and brokers, coupled with global insight, services, and expertise, help clients understand real estate dynamics. By evaluating the financial position of properties and landlords, we present options that suit needs, maximize leverage, and minimize risk and cost.

Advantages of a multi-disciplined platform – Our owner/investor services benefit occupier clients by providing information on business drivers, negotiating tactics, and property opportunities. This insight results in informed and productive strategies as well as optimal market timing.

Valuation & Advisory

Through the expertise of more than 1,750 professionals in nearly 150 offices, Cushman & Wakefield’s Valuation & Advisory group provides sophisticated advice on real estate equity and debt decisions to clients on a worldwide scale. Our capabilities span valuation and advisory services relating to acquisition, disposition, financing, litigation, and financial reporting, and 17 practice groups deliver real estate strategies and solutions to clients with unique operational, technical and business requirements. Access to real-time market data, the insights of Cushman & Wakefield’s leasing, research and capital markets experts, and the experience derived from more than 35 years of operation ensure the application of best practices and proven, successful methodologies. In 2016, the group completed assignments involving more than 245,510 properties valued at over $2.86 trillion.


  • Appraisal management – We provide expertise in all areas of appraisal management and administration including bidding, engaging, and reviewing appraisal reports, compliance, third-party appraiser selection, risk analysis, and property inspections. Services range from single-property appraisal reviews to major portfolio consulting engagements. Our senior professionals combine broad-based appraisal experience with banking expertise, including in-depth regulatory knowledge. This ensures that the process is performed in accordance with industry and regulatory standards, including the requirements for appraiser independence and unbiased analysis.
  • Diligence advisory – The Diligence Advisory Group specializes in acquisition due diligence, underwriting for debt and equity investments, internal credit/risk management analysis, strategic bank advisory, and an array of services specifically designed to meet the investment strategies of our clients. Our projects encompass underwriting and transaction management for CRE participants across the spectrum and up and down the capital stack. Our seasoned professionals leverage the larger Cushman & Wakefield knowledge capital when advising clients on complex debt and equity investment decisions and, with access to real time market data and global insights, our DAG professionals are equipped with boots-on-the-ground knowledge allowing us to identify emerging trends and surface potential risks for lenders and investors.
  • Dispute analysis and litigation support – Our group is comprised of individuals with expertise in real property and business valuation, economics, finance, statistical and financial modeling, forensic and fraud investigations, damage calculations involving contamination and toxic tort matters, partnership disputes, and other types of commercial litigation.
  • Financial reporting – With exceptional credentials, industry knowledge, and unparalleled talent, our professionals are uniquely qualified to address financial reporting and related issues on both a national and international basis. We provide services for financial reporting purposes, such as fair value, purchase price allocation, and fresh start accounting, which adhere to applicable standards including U.S. GAAP and IFRS, as well as country-specific compliance. We provide robust advice, C-level interaction and consulting, and peer-to-peer review.
  • Property Tax Services – Our team is a network of professionals with the jurisdictional and valuation expertise needed to provide exceptional tax savings results. We have built a reputation for excellence in understanding the unique complexities of all property types. Through our extensive experience, we have developed specialized knowledge of local processes and unique jurisdictional procedures. As your trusted advisor, the Property Tax Services team can handle every aspect of property tax administration and management.
  • Valuation/Portfolio valuation – In today’s investment climate, it is crucial that investors, lenders, and occupiers understand the value of their assets. We specialize in providing appraisal services for corporations, institutional investors, advisors, and lenders on critical equity and debt investment decisions.We have extensive experience with multi-property portfolios. Portfolio assignments are coordinated by our Portfolio Valuation team and backed by our proprietary web-based appraisal management platform. This platform acts as a “collaborative environment” where the client and our teams share information about each assignment, including a summary of our values, assumptions and conclusions, and electronic copies of each appraisal report.

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

  • 17 different asset class practice groups for clients with unique operational, technical and business requirements
  • Consistent delivery across multi-market client portfolios
  • Timely delivery of value conclusions
  • Compliance with financial regulatory requirements
  • Valuations based on access to constantly updated market information